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Thursday 17th of April 2014 08:02:52 AM

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Capricorn Pastoral is the leading Australian suppliers of Live Dairy Goats via Air Freight.

We are specialist Livestock buying agents and we will source the highest quality Dairy Goats for milk production or breeding. We supply all types of Dairy Goats for Dairy. We are dairy goat agents and suppliers of quality breeding goats.


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Saanen dairy goats for sale.

Live export from Australia - Air freighted into your country.

We are the largest export of live dairy goats for breeding and milk production in Australia.

Quality animals with guarantee's to ensure customer satisaction

If you are looking for a quote or to place an order go to the link above.

We inspect all saanen goats at the site of purchase, we aim to supply CAE free goats. Saanen goats that are high milk producing animals from commercial goat dairies across eastern australia.

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Australian owned Your partner in live export trade

Thursday 17th of April 2014 08:02:52 AM